5 Most Commonly Asked Questions You Need to Ask Your IT Outsourcing Company

When it comes to ensuring the success of your business, you know that choosing the right suppliers and consultants can play a critical role. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the right IT outsourcing company. As more small- to mid-sized companies use technologies to conduct business, it becomes increasingly apparent that the right IT outsourcing company can enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and even boost bottom lines.

However, if you don’t have experience working with an IT outsourcing company or don’t necessarily understand the technologies involved, the process may intimidate you. Fortunately, we’ve collected the five most commonly asked questions you need to ask your IT outsourcing company. These questions – and their answers – can help you determine if you’re hiring the right consultant, or whether you should move on until you do.

1. Do I need a T1?

A T1 is a digital line that’s used for voice or data. If you need more than four voice plans, or place a great deal of calls in your business, a T1 will usually be more cost-effective than a traditional plan.

2. Is the server expensive?

This greatly depends on what you need the network server to do. Business servers – especially those that are used to host a large number of websites or advanced online options – can be much more expensive than home servers. Ultimately, the price will be influenced by your business needs, so call an IT consultant to get a quote.

3. Can we do everything wireless?

Wireless may seem like an innovative solution for small businesses, but the truth is that wireless plans just can’t meet the demands of efficient and productive businesses. Most wireless plans only support a certain number of devices, which can be problematic if you add on new computers, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, wireless plans can be very expensive, especially if you need multiple plans to support all your office technology.

4. Can you do all that we need done?

An ideal IT consulting service should be able to take care of all your IT and network support needs, including design, troubleshooting, remote network and printer maintenance, VOIP installation, antivirus protection, and more.
5. How long will it take you to get to me if my system goes down?

The best IT consultants will be with you as soon as you let them know that your system is down. Troubleshooting should always be part of the overall IT consulting package, so don’t hesitate to ask plenty of follow-up questions about the company’s customer support and maintenance policies.

Ask an IT consulting company the following five questions, and you’ll quickly discover the professional that’s the right fit for you and your business.

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