Network Security Atlanta

Henry Enterprises specializes in complete network and systems integration including a vast array of security solutions to protect your network, systems, and applications. The importance of securing your network can’t be understated. With so much critical information stored on your network, you need to be confident that only authorized individuals can access your computer systems.

Every business today revolves around technology and nothing can stop your business faster than a collapse in network security. Atlanta professionals have relied on Henry Enterprises since 2006 to prevent network security threats and increase overall system-wide protection. We begin with the end result in mind and ensure that every computer is adequately protected with anti-malware and anti-virus programs. Henry Enterprises also protects your server environment in much the same way. This step goes further by addressing any Internet and Intranet vulnerabilities. Rear doors, operating system glitches, and long forgotten password is all the security holes that can cripple your network. When we have finished evaluating your network and implement our action we can ensure that only the people you want to access your network, you can access your network.

Remote Network Security

Utilizing  a qualified and professional network administrator on staff, along with the proper support personnel can quickly raise your overhead and eat away your bottom line. A remote network security solutions enable your company to be as secure as its competitors. Slash your costs and become more profitable by implementing one of our maintenance plans that will help you with less overhead and higher profit margins while maintaining network security.

Henry Enterprises provides comprehensive network security including on-site services, remote backup, and top of line firewalls for businesses in Atlanta. We would like to invite future you to discover why more Atlanta businesses are choosing to work with our professionals since 2006. Call our customer service team today or call  (770) 284-3119  to speak about your IT outsourcing needs. Browse our website for more information on our IT services, or for questions or comments please contact us.

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